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Re: KO3 Format and Qualification Discussion
« Reply #45 on: March 02, 2013, 05:26:04 PM »
Less wild card machines means you are shutting out the general public...and turning an 'open to the public' competition into more of a come-watch-the-top-10-Twin-Galaxies-scoreboard-officially-ranked-Donkey-Kong-players, 'spectacle'.

The Kong Off was never suppose to be an "open-to-the-public" competition, but an event having the top players in the world go at it. But, KO2 allowed more wildcard players, and KO3 is double the wildcard capacity from KO2. So, it appears to be moving in that direction.

That's the difference between KO1 and KO2. For KO1 it was a huge thing to be one of the players, KO2 it got diluted and made qualifying not that big of a deal. It looks like KO3 will be more diluted with it increasing the wildcard machines to 8. So being one of the 12 that puts up a score instead of just entry money doesn't stand out as much as an accomplishment. I'm still a believer that if you want in you need to put up the score and qualify instead of just $30 entry money. But I'm looking at it from my standpoint since I already qualified twice.

Yeah not sure what to think about having so many "wildcard" machines Dave. I guess it helps draw people to the event but I came to both because I wanted to and will try and go again. Some part of me says why not just let the people who score more than 1 million compete and whatever is leftover is wildcard machines. Why not forgo the "wildcard" aspect altogether? Have the million point players compete and then the others can play on the remaining machines just for fun. Isn't the point of the competition for the top players in the world to go head to head (I guess tho no one really thinks the wildcarders have a chance aside from Ross). I still think it should be necessary qualify every year which is not anything new from me :). Are people really concerned they couldn't do it?  24/7/365 DK'n baby!!! :D

Whatever the case I hope they trim the field for wildcard players on day 2 to one per machine then if they have to many.
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