Author Topic: The write up of of Dwayne's 2008 DK3 World Record.  (Read 1005 times)

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The write up of of Dwayne's 2008 DK3 World Record.
« on: June 16, 2014, 02:34:03 PM »
I decide to post this write up that Twin Galaxies did for Dwayne 6 years ago when he broke the record.  Most likely not many people are going to go out of their way to search out this post, but I feel it's good to bring up anyways. 

"Donkey Kong 3 - New world record!
It was a barnburner but coming in at the wire was Dwayne Richards turning in a new world record performance on Donkey Kong 3 with a score of 2,583,000 points. Like a man on a mission, Dwayne exhibited a stone solid focus as he concentrated all his efforts on beating the record on this the last day of the competition. Dwayne was playing out his game in the afternoon hours, and as I watched him roll the score over at one million points, and then two million points, I began getting very excited as I thought we might see the record get beaten. However, Dwayne was not only chasing the record, he was racing to beat the clock! The world record weekend event was officially slated to end at 4:00pm Sunday. All scores needed to be completed and turned in by 4:00pm in order to be counted in consideration for prize money. Although the time constraint would not keep Dwayne from achieving a Twin Galaxies world record, it could potentially keep him from earning a $100 cash prize if he couldn't turn in the record-beating score on his registered game before 4:00pm. Literally AT the buzzer, Dwayne surpassed the world record score by the narrowest of margins (only 40K points), and successfully beat the clock to claim the victory prize. If you're not familiar with Donkey Kong 3, let me tell you... this game takes some of the most inhuman concentration and coordination of almost any other game; perhaps not at level one, but once you get into the harder levels, the game is unfathomably difficult. To play at this level means having to read and recognize half a dozen different game behaviors all at the same time. You've got bees flying at you, not to mention shooting at you... there's also those damn little worms that you need to spray or else they occupy your platforms and in order to move through them you need to stun them first. There's also kamikaze bees that ZIP across the screen sideways when they reach your level, and let's not forget those EXPLODING bees that throw shrapnel in four directions when you kill them... oh yeah, and all this time you've got to make sure Donkey Kong doesn't slide down the bottom of the vines or else he'll kill you, so you gotta spray him up every once in a while, and to make matters worse... he throws coconuts at you the whole time! There are so many things going on in this game that demand total concentration and focus, and it doesn't let up. Dwayne says he's been chasing this record for about 20 years now, and now he finally has it! You could tell the accomplishment and delight that he felt after achieving this score, it was written all over his face complete with a big giant grin! My hat goes off to Dwayne, one of the best all-around video gamers on the planet... a true champion."
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