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Post KoK Timeline discussion
« on: December 21, 2013, 04:30:48 PM »

We were discussing this page from my blog in the Verge thread. I didn't want to derail that thread though, so let's continue here!

I have to say, Kessler's million is a little mysterious to me. I will mention it, but I'm always wary about unofficial, unwitnessed scores. If he streamed/participated, etc., it would be one thing, but he stopped playing soon after.

This game in particular makes me wonder since just a couple of weeks before, he submitted a  MAME score of 916K, then at Funspot the next month he just ran boards and got 895. (The lockout makes that understandable though.) I just wish he had put up another million-point game since then.

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Re: Post KoK Timeline discussion
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2013, 06:53:37 PM »
scott seemed like a knowledgeable and trustworthy gamer based on the few times ive spoken with him. of course you never really know until you know...

on a side note, andrewg once spent like an hour on his stream going over the history of super mario bros speedruns and how him and scott would go back and forth along with some of the TAS'ers finding new methods to save time. it was really cool stuff. im pretty certain scott had already stopped playing competitive smb/games altogether before the 4-2 wrongwarp was discovered so i dont think he ever put up a sub-5min time. i could be wrong though. maybe andrew could get a hold of scott and have him tell the story of the times leading up to his million point game...