Author Topic: Donkey Kong Online Open: Kong Off 3 Wild Card Qualifier #2 ***FINAL*** Results  (Read 7514 times)

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Yeah I had a lot of issues and frankly pooped it up. :)

I'll still submit for the sake of doing it but I need to find the stream with my "official " score and email it (if they will take it :)

Here it is BAH stupid elevator deaths. This was my "best" game I think in regards to the controller and streaming wasn't too fubar this game.

335,500. I think I got a 388k game as well but can't find it and I just looked WOW so many streaming issues have like 50 plus videos some like 50 seconds in length. HAHAHA
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Alright  Eric who was the Mystrey Player...
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If I would have submitted my score then George would have gotten the 25th place bounty. Ken, you have me to thank, as well as any others who did not submit.