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Blue Snapper Warp Glitch Experiment
« on: August 17, 2014, 11:02:05 AM »
This is a continuation of the DKJR 255 lives trick thread:

This thread will chart all the possible issues that are created while exploiting this glitch.

Intro Video to Glitch

Donkey Kong Junior: Blue Snapper Warp Glitch Experiment

Starting 1:53:20 I do the glitch, play to level 3-3, die, do the warp again with player 2, warps to level 1, then I play out and almost complete level 4-4.

Chart of Glitches

You must use the main setup. Try to use player 1 only or use last man on player 1 while performing the glitch will only process the death.

Kill off all 4 player one. Do trick with 4th guy player two. You can lost up to two guys with player one. After the second player one death, player two will show all the men. If you die with player two when it is like this it will try to load the hideout and crash. You can use the snapper glitch to get back to player one. This can be done continuously.

Killed off 3 lives on player one. Did the trick on 3rd guy on player two. Killed off a man on player one. Killed off a man on player two. Earned a free guy on player one with no rollover, and then died. I then got all the guys on player two but then earned the free guy and it rolled over to zero. However, as soon as I earned the man to role over a blue snapper went crazy. I will try to duplicate and make a video of it.

Donkey Kong Junior: Live Rollover Blue Snapper Glitch

Basic Concepts

Main setup: You basically kill off all your men with player one so that it is game over. Then you jump after the blue into the slash animation with your last man on player 2.

Loss of Men Avoidance: You must get to at least 10k with both player 1 and 2 so that you earn the free man. You do this with player 1 because if you do the glitch and then earn your extra man, then all the men rollover to zero. You do this with player 2 because you have to kill off player one and need the 4th man to perform the glitch on player 2.

Crash Avoidance: In order to avoid crashing the game you must jump at the beginning of each board. Using a left or right input will crash the game. Always use the "fall off side of vine" move on the blue chains to avoid crashing by stuck animation at bottom of blue chain when Junior goes all the way. In junior gets into this position, a left or right input will crash the game. However, you can jump from this animation and get back up.

Level Warp: Whichever level you are on with player 2 when you perform the glitch is the level that you will start on with player 1. For instance, if you played player to level 2 but then did the glitch with player 2 on level 1 then you will start on level 1 with player 1 after awarded all the men. This is also true if you were to do the warp with player 2 from level 4, then player 1 will start on level 4.

Play it yourself on MAME!

I have created 3 different save states for you to play with the glitch already set up.

G= Level 1
V= Level 3
X= Level 4

Configuration: Used Wolfmame .106 with sound samples.

Sample sounds for Donkey Kong Jr. (MAME)
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Re: Blue Snapper Warp Glitch Experiment
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Re: Blue Snapper Warp Glitch Experiment
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