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Jr. Pac-Man; enough said
Not for long  <stirpot>
Another Deep Thoughts by Riley thread.  Your DK3 accomplishments, while legendary, are indeed something to behold.

If I had to pick one game, and one player, to save the very existence of the earth from invaders . . .

Going Hec on T&F

As far as the pure width and breadth of your mastery, George, you make a good case.
Classic Arcade Game Discussion / Re: TRS-80 Emulator 3-Level Kongapalooza
« Last post by Weehawk on July 22, 2017, 01:14:48 PM »
Just under 24 hours to go and serphintizer still leads with 76,600.
Yeah, that's a bold statement, and one with some braggadocio.  Does this make me Dbag for saying it?  Yeah, sure, but I at least want some discussion on the matter.  Will I get flak for saying something like this, oh yeah.  I'm sure people will say names like Dean Saglio, Steve Wiebe, and Billy Mitchell, and if you think they have accomplished more you might very well be right, but at least it brings about the discussion about who has accomplished most with a particular arcade game.  So I'll bring my list.

1. Holder of the Marathon DK3 Arcade record in both Medium settings, and Hard Settings.
2. Holder of the 5 man DK3 Arcade Hard record.
3. Holder of the Marathon MAME DK3 record in easy, medium, hard, and hardest settings.
4. Holder of the 5 man MAME DK3 record on easy, medium, and hardest settings.
5. First person to reach the repetitive blue screen. 
6. Only person to reach the repetitive blue screen on medium, and hard settings for Arcade.
7. Only person to reach the repetitive blue screen on medium, and hard settings for MAME.
8. Broke the Arcade world record in four different places.  Seattle, Denver, my home, and a friend's house.
9. Have been very open with my gameplay.  Showing Arcade videos, and sharing all of my .INP's, and people still haven't come close to ANY score despite knowing exactly what I'm doing.
10. Have set high scores on multiple sites.  Twin Galaxies, Retro Uprising, MARP, Donkey Kong Forum, AtariAge
11. Hold the highest score for the one hour mark on Arcade or MAME that was set in the prestigious BOTA tournament.
12. I have no rivals, and am the undisputed best Donkey Kong 3 player of all time.
13. Only person to loop the 256 boards the game has on Arcade Medium settings.
14. Only person to loop the 256 boards the game has on Easy, Medium, and Hard MAME settings

Having said that, will someone come along, and eventually beat a lot of my records.  Oh yeah, records are made to be broken, but I was the one that set the standard.

So yeah, give me another Arcade gamer who has been as open as I have been that's accomplished more.  I laid out my case, and now I'd like to see a case made for another gamer.  I'd love to be corrected.  Also, if you don't like what I'm saying, then by all means beat one of my records.  8)  Who knows maybe I'm doing this to "Riley" up some competition.
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