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As a companion to the killscreener timeline, here is a chronology of every known million-point player's first "rollover."

Are there any missing? Perhaps. Based on his YouTube videos, Ben Mazowita seems extremely capable, but he isn't part of the community. There is also a rumor of a player from Japan who achieved a million-point game (on the US version) at some point prior to 2015, but this player is unknown to us as well.

All of Billy Mitchell's three TG-verified million point performances have been struck from DKF's high score list, which you can read about here. Whether or not Mitchell ever actually achieved a legitimate million point score is now considered unknown. I have, however, left him on the list as an "asterisked entry", since his scores were verified at one time, and are (obviously) highly significant to the history of this game.

I am confident, at any rate, that Steve Wiebe's 1,006 was the first-ever million point game of DK, and that there are no more than 3 people missing from this list.

-#--PlayerDateScorePlatformVerification?1Steve Wiebe6/4/20041,006,600ArcadeTG (rejected but legit)*Billy Mitchell6/7/20041,047,200ArcadeTG (SEE THREAD HERE)2Tim Sczerby20081,024,100ArcadeNone (replay streamed 8/1/09)3Scott Kessler* 4/27/20081,000,600ArcadeNone4Dean Saglio5/7/20091,026,700MAMETG (1st MAME million)5Hank Chien9/13/20091,037,700ArcadeNone (official TG score came later)6Vincent Lemay9/11/20101,002,700MAMETG (2nd MAME million)7Jeff Willms*8/16/20111,107,600MAMETG (3rd MAME million)8David McCrary12/30/20111,015,000ArcadeTG (4th TG-ranked arcade million)9Mark Kiehl1/22/20121,016,500ArcadeTG10Kyle Goewert* 4/27/20121,012,800ArcadeTG11Benjamin Falls5/5/20121,010,400ArcadeStream12Shaun Boyd* 5/21/20121,037,500ArcadeTG13Steve Wiltshire1/27/20131,019,600ArcadeTG14Philip Tudose2/22/20131,005,700MAMEMARP15Robbie Lakeman3/6/20131,007,600MAMEStream16Svavar Gunnar Gunnarsson5/29/20131,008,800ArcadeLive17Mike Groesbeck6/21/20131,023,600ArcadeTG18Jon McKinnell* 7/7/20131,025,200ArcadeStream19Jeff Wolfe9/22/20131,054,900ArcadeStream20Corey Chambers9/24/20131,008,100ArcadeStream21Ross Benziger*9/27/20131,136,500ArcadeTG22Mick Winzeler1/5/20141,018,300ArcadeYouTube23Wes Copeland5/4/20141,028,200MAMEStream24Jason Wade1/1/20151,027,100MAMEStream25Ethan Daniels1/10/20151,041,100ArcadeStream26Shawn Robinson* 1/24/20151,022,700ArcadeTG27Jonathan McCourt4/16/20151,002,300MAMEStream28Daniel Desjardins* 6/21/20151,059,700ArcadeStream29Graham Hawkins* 7/6/20151,045,900MAMEStream30Andrew Barrow* 8/14/20151,014,600MAMEStream31John McCurdy8/17/20151,010,500MAMEStream32Tanner Fokkens* 11/7/20151,004,100ArcadeStream33Martin Laing* 3/5/20161,026,800ArcadeStream34Jason Corey Brittain 3/22/20161,001,600MAMEStream35Thomas Bauer 5/5/20161,019,000MAMEStream36Joe DuPree* 8/14/20161,008,700ArcadeStream37"DKK-OKINAWA"* 12/26/20171,014,400ArcadeStream38"ACU-AZU"* 1/1/20181,046,600ArcadeTwitter39Estel Goffinet* 1/12/20181,031,200ArcadeStream
* - denotes an "unimproved PB": a player whose first million remains his personal best score. Players with no asterisk have scored higher since their first million.

NOTE: Scott Kessler is the only player on this list who does not appear on the DKF High Score List (no video or other verification of this score exists).

By year:
1981-2003: 0
2004: 1
2005: 0
2006: 0
2007 (King of Kong released): 0
2008: 2
2009: 2
2010: 1
2011: 2
2012: 4
2013: 9
2014: 2
2015: 9
2016: 4
2017: 1
2018: 2

love it. MARP oh yer

Good to have that ;-).

I lol'ed at Jeff's score of 1.1m. Jeff said: Screw 1m, I'm gonna get 1.1m! YOLO!

Oops, I have your date wrong Phil. I know it was February, do you know the date?

You over-wrote that .inp with your 1,050 game.


--- Quote from: ChrisP on July 17, 2013, 04:05:42 PM ---Oops, I have your date wrong Phil. I know it was February, do you know the date?

You over-wrote that .inp with your 1,050 game.

--- End quote ---

feb 22nd


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