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Congratulations to Andrew Barrow, the 3rd person to reach Donkey Kong 3's "Repetitive Blue Screen"! Playing on marathon settings on Difficulty 1, Andrew's final score was 3,272,100, reaching board 161.

For those unfamiliar with DK3, there's a glitch in the level cycle that occurs when a player reaches board 160. Board 159 is a standard "blue" board which should be followed a grey board, then a gold board, then another blue board, etc. However, all boards after 159 are blue (until the game loops after board 256 and the original cycle is reset). Only DK3 master/world record holder George Riley and the legendary Ben Falls had reached this part of the game. Riley is the only player to have reached the RBS on anything other than Difficulty 1 marathon settings.

Prior to this game, Andrew's PB was 2,256,900, reaching board 114. Below you'll find some stats on the 37 lives used in the game.

Twitch highlight
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wow 2,000th DKF thread hype

Congrats barra!   Lit mate!

Well done, AB.  I expected to see it within the week.  Next?

Thanks mates  Kreygasm <3

Awesome stats jry!! Thanks for verifying everything so quickly especially with my large volume of recent submissions Lo

Was going better than I thought throughout the whole game with only 1 mini-meltdown in the middle which is nice to see. Managed to pick it back up with some big lives after that. 7 lives for 53 boards (1/3 of the RBS)

Now for hard RBS but may not play that this week. I really should nail down junior BibleThump

Your turn Gstrain/Wags


I wish KO was local to me again, I'd like to just do it at some live Kong event, it's a lot more fun that way.  Failing that I'll wait for the first snow day here where I'm stuck inside.


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