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Allen Staal Scores 905,400!

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My mate and yours, the great Allen Staal, has finally climbed the 900k plateau! His last PB was nearly 17 months ago, in June 2016. Frequent viewers are no doubt aware of the trials and tribulations of the former Straya #1, but today the doubters have been silenced as The King has reclaimed his throne. Stats will be compiled soon, but here's a link to the game and some interesting facts:

-Beats his own PB by 33,500
-Beats his long-time rival Brian Allen by 24,900
-Beats the Australian champion Shane Sawle by 4,000
-His first 900,000+ game in his over 6 years of playing
-His 7th killscreen

Congratulations, mate!

<Allen> <Allen> <Allen> <Billy> <Tim> <Wiebe> <Allen> <Allen> <Allen>

Congratulations, Allen!!!

<Allen> <Allen> <Allen> <Allen> <Allen> <Allen> <Allen> <Allen> <Allen> <Allen> <Allen> <Allen> <Allen> <Allen> <Allen> <Allen> <Allen> <Allen> <Allen> <Allen> <Allen>

I did it thank lick it

Allen's score has been verified and updated on the Donkey Kong High Score List!

Below you'll find some interesting summaries regarding Allen, his games, and his rivals. Normal Jry stats attached, of course.

905,400 summary
Allen's Top 5 games
The Big 3 comparison

-Allen just edges out the legendary Ben Jos Walbeehm on the scoreboard, almost exactly 16 years after Ben Jos scored the first official 900k game. This puts Allen at #53 all-time (#43 on arcade), and makes him the 57th person to reach 900k (46th on arcade).

-This is the longest stretch between PBs for Allen. At 505 days, it was 2 months longer than it took for him to go from 728,900 to his first killscreen of 806,000 (434 days).

Kongrats buddayyy Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm

In form for Kong Off  :-X



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