Author Topic: Almost 3 years now since I have had the Donkey Kong 3 Arcade record  (Read 2071 times)

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It's been almost 3 years now since I have had the record.  In about a month it will be three years. At the time Steve Wiebe had the Donkey Kong record, and Mark Kiehl had the Donkey Kong Junior record with a score of 1.237 million if I am not mistaken.  Over these past 3 years both Donkey Kong, and Donkey Kong Junior titles have changed hands.  The one constant over all this has been me.

Now having said that I think the biggest reason is because of a lack of competition for this game.  I do think though had I left the record at 2.78 million when I broke it the first time during Memorial day weekend the title would have changed hands by now.  I put the score to a point where you actually have to care about the game to a certain extent in order to get the record.  It's just not worth it now to anyone who is disinterested in the game given the amount of time a person would have to spend in order to get it.

Over the past 3 years it has been a very wonderful ride.  I have been given more honors than I possibly could imagine with this game.  Mainly because it's a golden era Nintendo game with the name Donkey Kong attached to it.  I feel like I have done what I wanted with this game.  That is to put up a respectable score for it.

As they say though, no matter how high you put up a score.  Records were made to be broken.  Eventually someone on MAME or Arcade will break my record.  My guess is probably enough time will pass that people will ignorantly start saying how my two Donkey Kong 3 records are unbeatable records, and someone will go "Oh yeah, will I can beat that".  And sure enough that person will beat it, and that will be that.   Still though, I have attached myself to my favorite game for as long as we have a working civilization.  And for me, that's good enough. :)


Is this a tad bit on the self absorbed bragging side?  I suppose so, but hey not many people post in the Donkey Kong 3 forum anyways, and I am just trying to show some love. 8)
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It's a great score, you should be proud of it quite honestly.
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I agree with Steve. While I have no real love for the game, I dont dislike it either and having seen you play with in person a few times I can say it is quite an impressive show.
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Congrats on putting up a score that has stood the test of time!  8)

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Indeed its a great achievement and something to be proud of!

Hard to say if you've kept it for this long because it's really that good of a score, or there's just nobody trying to break it.  I know nothing about DK3. Are you bringing it up because you'd like to see more people try to break your record?  Do you think your score has been contested by anyone?

For example, Hank has the world record in Check Man...and might very well keep it for the rest of his life if nobody trys to beat it.  I spent a week or 2 playing Check Man during my lunch breaks at work and almost beat his score (got 331,100), not that I was going after his WR, but just because a couple people made comments about it...I saw Vincent playing it during one of his streams one day...and I wanted to see what the game was like.  That was a couple months ago and I haven't played the game since...and probably won't again.  There probably isn't anyone in the world currently trying to break the Check Man world record.  Maybe the same could be said about DK3?  I don't know.

Regardless, it's cool to hold a world anything!
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Yeah George ..  You have upped your score a few times .   I give you credit for not sitting on a score.      Really killed any reason for me to turn my machine anymore though!

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I give you credit for not sitting on a score.

This.^ I'm definitely impressed by your gameplay as well as dedication. There may be a bit to the fact that no one has really tried to take your newer scores down, but, in-and-of-itself, your scores are VERY good, and you should be proud of them. I basically ditto everything Steve and Ken said.
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