Author Topic: Will Dean Saglio be the last person to have a higher MAME score than Arcade?  (Read 791 times)

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In regards to Donkey Kong I have reason to believe that Dean Saglio will be the last person to have a higher MAME score than Arcade.  The main reason being is that I believe Dean was an exception to the rule.  Anyone who spends that much time on Donkey Kong will usually get a Donkey Kong machine.  As evidenced by John McCurdy apparently getting a Donkey Kong machine.
Basically if you spend 1,000 hours on Donkey Kong, spending $1,000 isn't that big of a deal since that represents $1 per hour spend.  Maybe if Donkey Kong machines go to something like $2500 things will be different, but until then people will continue buy machines when they become good enough.
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Cabs won't last forever, so in a hundred years it'll only be possible to play it on MAME. If people still play DK then, they'll be better than all of us are.

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Well, last night I got a new PB on MAME of 446,800. Don't think I've ever played on a genuine arcade cab since the 80s and I was shit at it then. I got 353,500 at a nearby arcade but that was a 60:1, so I guess still MAME?

Also, where can I buy a DK cabinet for $1000 and any idea how much they are to ship to the UK?

Or does anyone know of any for sale in the UK?