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Waiting to grab the hammers
« on: April 07, 2013, 07:47:09 PM »
Two things:

1) Does anyone think that it could ever be a practical strategy to double jump barrels coming down the long ladder while waiting to grab the bottom hammer on levels 5+? Obviously this puts you too far away from the hammer when the fireball is close below the short ladder on the first girder, but how about before the fireball makes its way over there? Maybe a couple 100 points here? Yes? No? People seem not to want to climb up to the 3rd girder (too risky on these levels), so is just trying to wait and grouping barrels more efficient than this double jumping proposal? Maybe someone can learn to efficiently incorporate both strategies...

2) This one I've heard Hank and Vince discussing at some point (and maybe Dean too), but how practical is it to do wall jumps over barrels below the top hammer when the fireball is on the 4th girder and soon to climb up? This would allow the hammer to be grabbed at the last moment when the fireball does climb up, but I don't know how consistently people can learn to both 1) miss the hammer on purpose while doing the faster type of wall jump here while waiting, and 2) know when to stop missing the hammer and grab it either with a standing jump or (if possible) a relatively quick wall jump that does grab the hammer. Again, are there a few 100 points to be gained here? Is it even feasible?

Just thought I'd start something up.... this section of the forum needs some activity. :)
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