Author Topic: John McCurdy sets new D2K World Record! 450,300!  (Read 5531 times)

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Re: John McCurdy sets new D2K World Record! 450,300!
« Reply #15 on: May 19, 2016, 09:29:52 AM »
What in the world is a <YSG> ?!  Hey, if we keep goin' here, we can make it to the nosebleeds by sundown. <jimmyhouston>

  <YSG> is enlightenment.  Simply put, he is as pure as the white snow;  his giant heart made him an instant demigod (YSG=YOLO SWAG GOD= yellow shirt guy (his first aqdq outfit)) ( <Pigger> ).

Here is one of his agdq runs, now you know :)
Wonderful explaination of a man who deserves to be hailed as god
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