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Donkey Kong High Score Lists / Re: Score Submissions
« Last post by xelnia on Today at 04:54:57 AM »
This is my first entry for the "start" competition.

I scored 104,100 on my first man through the end of level 4.

Total ended up being 235,500 .. which is not my PB but I was going for it.

I want to thank everyone who watched me stream!

Keep at it and you'll PB before you know it. For now, your Start score has been verified and added to the Start HSL. Congrats!
Donkey Kong High Score Lists / Re: Score Submissions
« Last post by xelnia on Today at 04:48:54 AM »
So after posing a question about a list of official machines in the general discussion. Ironically with no capability to record, i stroll into the Brooklyn Barcade...and smash my PB by 43k...245,900 as soon as I sat down!

Copeland has a 999, 900 on the wall here with this machine.
I just have screenshots. Anyway i can get this to count? Geeeez.

Nice score! Unfortunately we can't accept just a screenshot, but I have no doubt you'll get another PB soon!
Donkey Kong High Score Lists / Re: Score Submissions
« Last post by xelnia on Today at 04:46:05 AM »
w00t! New personal best.

David Ferrone
Feb 22, 2018

twitch video:
youtube video:

Congrats! Your score has been verified and updated on the HSL.
I wanted to post this here because it contains a lot of good information from the TG dispute thread and I know some people here might miss it:

Note: All of the content below is from Asterra on the Twin Galaxies forum, credit goes to them.

Link to the first post.

Quote from: Asterra on TG
Since this matter hasn't yet been clarified adequately, I feel I should step in. Let me begin by reiterating my previous conclusion (which should be very easy for Jace to test) that the recently-rediscovered Billy 1.05M tape is itself showing only 30fps gameplay, downconverted, for whatever reason, from 60fps (or perhaps MAME was told only to generate a 30fps video) by way of discarding every other frame. At the very least, this is what is shown in the two full-length Youtube videos of said score, which is where the above GIF is sourced. My conclusion about the true framerate of the DK gameplay in Jace's tape stems from the fact that there is absolutely no evidence of the missing frames present in the video he recently provided wherein he scrutinizes the tape frame-by-frame.

Now, with that having been stipulated, here is the short answer to the question about the disparity in board transitions: Donkey Kong runs at 60fps, and it does not conveniently begin board transitions on an even (or odd) frame every single time. If you're only seeing every other frame of gameplay, as is the case with every specimen of the 1.05M score, then sometimes you're seeing frames 1,3,5,7 of a transition, and sometimes you're seeing frames 2,4,6,8.

The proof is in the pudding. Here is the complete breakdown of how barrel transitions appear in the 1.05M score as seen on Youtube:

00:00:37 Single frame, split 75%
00:04:39 Single frame, split 25%
00:10:28 Single frame
00:16:35 Single frame
00:19:04 Single frame
00:24:01 Single frame
00:26:45 Broken beam, split 75%
00:29:03 Broken beam
00:32:01 Broken beam
00:34:43 Broken beam
00:37:07 Broken beam
00:39:53 Broken beam
00:42:10 Broken beam
00:44:16 Broken beam
00:47:24 Broken beam
00:49:52 Single frame
00:52:25 Broken beam, split 3%
00:55:29 Broken beam
00:58:00 Broken beam
01:00:37 Single frame
01:03:22 Single frame
01:05:53 Broken beam
01:08:22 Broken beam, split 10%
01:11:22 Broken beam, split 90%
01:13:57 Single frame
01:16:18 Single frame
01:19:54 Single frame
01:21:09 Broken beam
01:23:44 Single frame
01:26:21 Single frame
01:29:10 Single frame
01:32:00 Single frame, split 35%
01:34:23 Broken beam
01:37:00 Single frame, split 8%
01:40:17 Single frame
01:42:51 Single frame
01:45:53 Single frame
01:48:17 Broken beam
01:50:58 Single frame
01:54:01 Single frame
01:56:34 Single frame
01:59:17 Single frame
02:02:36 Single frame
02:05:14 Single frame
02:07:44 Single frame
02:11:10 Single frame
02:14:18 Broken beam
02:16:44 Broken beam
02:19:50 Broken beam, split 8%
02:22:38 Single frame
02:25:13 Broken beam
02:28:18 Broken beam
02:30:30 Single frame, doubled frame
02:32:17 Broken beam
02:35:03 Single frame
02:37:50 Single frame, split 85%

"Broken beam" means the second long beam is visibly broken at a specific spot (as seen in the above GIF). "Single frame" means the entire board appears in a single frame. "Split x%" refers to an anomaly of the screen being split vertically with the left portion appearing one frame ahead of schedule -- probably a quirk of the MAME version used, since the vertical split is not straight from top to bottom in every instance.

Let's compare this to a MAME Donkey Kong score that is also presented in 30fps with every other frame discarded:

MAME Donkey Kong World Record Dean Saglio 1,206,800 HD
00:00:15 Broken beam
00:04:25 Broken beam
00:10:25 Single frame
00:16:14 Single frame
00:18:53 Broken beam
00:23:38 Broken beam
00:28:27 Broken beam
00:31:12 Single frame
00:34:17 Broken beam
00:36:46 Single frame
00:40:10 Single frame
00:46:48 Broken beam
00:49:35 Broken beam
00:52:29 Broken beam
00:56:27 Broken beam
00:59:12 Single frame
01:02:55 Broken beam
01:06:36 Broken beam
01:09:39 Single frame
01:13:15 Broken beam
01:17:29 Broken beam

The "broken beam" in this version of MAME has a different appearance (identical to MAME 0.115 as shown in Xelnia's original post, whereas Billy's 1.05M broken beam matches MAME 0.116 - 0.121). As before, some transitions show the broken beam, some don't.

Here is data from a 60fps MAME recording of Donkey Kong. I've taken the time to note the very first frame we see any portion of the barrel stage.

Donkey Kong MAME 60fps Mame32Plus!0.100
00:00:25:06 Even
00:03:40:37 Odd
00:06:37:02 Even
00:10:03:50 Even
00:14:35:09 Odd
00:18:12:44 Even
00:22:05:25 Odd
00:25:36:35 Odd
00:28:54:53 Odd
00:31:42:00 Even
00:35:17:50 Even

And finally, the 60fps direct feed video recently posted by Chris G.

Chris G direct capture via Nintendo Inverter Board and Composite Out
00:00:22:24 Even
00:01:31:57 Odd
00:03:06:12 Even
00:05:19:04 Even
00:07:52:18 Even
00:08:45:57 Odd
00:11:10:36 Even
00:12:13:14 Even
00:13:13:58 Even
00:13:41:39 Odd
00:15:45:24 Even
00:18:11:22 Even
00:19:16:15 Odd
00:21:13:40 Even
00:22:50:13 Odd
00:24:04:40 Even
00:25:53:29 Odd
00:26:50:00 Even
00:28:21:29 Odd

In short, MAME faithfully reproduces Donkey Kong's unpredictability as to whether board transitions begin on an even or odd frame, and this phenomenon, when combined with the removal of every other frame, generates the discrepancy that has inspired some recent confusion. In every 30fps Youtube video of MAME Donkey Kong, one should be able to find examples of both types of barrel transition: Single frame and multiple-frame.

Link to the second post.

Quote from: Asterra on TG
I should here point out that there's no question about whether the gameplay on the 1.05M tape is MAME. Every board transition does one of two things, either a broken beam (broken the same way every single time) or not. The specific way this broken beam appears is not only an identical match for MAME, but absolutely never manifests in any known actual direct feed or indirect video of Donkey Kong, including Chris G's recent 60fps direct. Meanwhile, direct/indirect videos of Donkey Kong perform barrel transitions with unique but 100% reliable visual quirks which never manifest in the 1.05M video. When I was obtaining the exact frames from Chris G's video, this became blatantly apparent. It is likely because all of this is so obvious that the gaming community at large has been able to form a solid conclusion.

Nonetheless, Jace is obligated to give the matter as thorough an examination as can be done, in order to nip precisely these kinds of potential obfuscations in the bud. This means figuring out the nature of Billy's recording, and whatever else comes along, regardless of how conclusive the evidence may already be.

In short, think of the MAME question as having been answered in brief by the DKF's removal of Billy's scores, and answered at length by TG's pending verdict.

Note: All of the above content is from Asterra on the Twin Galaxies forum, credit goes to them.
Damn it! If the last one wasn't hard enough!
Congrats!! Way to push this game. KS incoming!!

Congrats, WFLI! Kill screen soon!
Donkey Kong Milestone Achievements / Another D2K World Record: J. P. scores 578,900!
« Last post by xelnia on February 24, 2018, 05:56:27 PM »
WFLI's epic grind continues, and now he's only one level away from the D2K killscreen. You'll find a MARP link and stats summary below. He lost his final man on the Level 13 springs...the last passable spring board in the game! When he finally gets there, I expect a killscreen score of 615k-620k...and it will happen soon! Congrats sir!

MARP D2K Leaderboard (with link to INP)
DKF D2K Leaderboard
Other High Score Lists / Re: Remix Submission Thread
« Last post by xelnia on February 24, 2018, 03:11:10 PM »
Sid seattle
311,300 DKJ/R

( real name /Robert Racek)

Ok, I added your score. But in the future, I won't dig through your past broadcasts to find the video. PLEASE LINK TO THE ACTUAL GAMEPLAY VIDEO OF THE SCORE YOU'RE SUBMITTING. If it's part of a longer broadcast, include the timestamp where I can find the beginning of the game.
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