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Suggestion for Good Video Editing Software?


Hey guys, as you may have seen in the DK ROMS/PCB info thread, I'm looking to do some frame-by-frame comparisons of various revisions of the DK PCB's.  I've been using Wondershare Filmora, which is pretty powerful, but I'm finding that its ability to precisely clip is a bit lacking.  For instance, I believe I create the start of a clip on a certain frame, but when I go back to edit that clip, there will be a couple extra frames.  And, this is not consistent, so one clip may have 2 extra frames ahead of where I thought I clipped, and another clip won't.  The result is then a side-by-side comparison of the clips which do not start on the same frame.  Not sure if I'm making sense, but bottom line, I'm looking for a video editor that anyone has had good success with, which is ultimately capable of precisely clipping excerpts from larger videos.  If you've had experience editing video game clips, than all the better.  Oh, and something that doesn't break the bank.  :)

If anybody has any suggestions, it would be much appreciated.

sony vegas..  has  a 30 day trial

video on how to  frame by frame

! No longer available

I haven't done a ton of video editing, but Sony Vegas was always my product of choice as well.

Great, thanks guys!  Will give that a go.


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