Author Topic: It's amazing how many times DK3 has appeared in tournaments the past 3 years  (Read 289 times)

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I have been thinking about it, and even for me, I have to admit that DK3 has been in a crazy amount of tournaments.
It's been in back to back BOTA's
It's been in a brofest
It's been in an IGBY
It's been in a Grinkfest
It was involved in a special California Extreme tournament involving Donkey Kong, DKJr, and DK3
And today I found out it's been in an AussieArcade tournament this month.

So yeah, it's really cool to see a ton of people get to experience the awesomeness of DK3.   8)
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I would say all the good games got voted out so we had to make room but that would just be a dig. Truth is its a pretty good tournament game, and a pretty good game overall after you get past the donkey kong name.
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I think a lot of it has to do with the amount of different variations the difficulty and life limiting dips provide.  There aren't too many games that allow you to limit the easiness as well as the free lives.   It's good for tournaments since it doesn't have to be babysat like a lot of classic games.
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Was in the Aussie arcade MGL that just finished too, which was itís first ever appearance in 33 seasons
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