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Other High Score Lists / Re: Remix Submission Thread
« Last post by Sidseattle on Today at 12:06:34 PM »
Sid seattle
311,300 DKJ/R

( real name /Robert Racek)
as far as this event goes, You could NOT BE MORE OFF BASE AND WRONG. This is MY event.

I stand corrected. I take my hat off to anyone who tries to encourage people to give classic gaming a try, and kudos to you for donating profits to people less fortunate than yourself.

So think or ask about something before you assume or judge what an event is for.

Chastened as I am, I stand by my brass balls remark, at least in terms of showing up in public.

And you might want to 'think or ask' more about the people you ask to help promote your events. I don't think Lance Armstrong gets invited to compere many cycling events these days.
because unlike some who live and breathe on this forum 24/7, I have a life and work, etc..

Totally unnecessary.

"I suppose in a way you have to admire the brass balls of Billy and Robert Childs in trying to eke out a last dollar or two from this whole sorry saga:
It might be worth going to this if you're in Florida this weekend, because something tells me it may be the last chance to see the great man play in public.

Tick, tock." From Spaceman....

I have not been on here in a little while, because unlike some who live and breathe on this forum 24/7, I have a life and work, etc.. however I did notice this quote from Spaceman I put up first in this post , and as far as this event goes, You could NOT BE MORE OFF BASE AND WRONG. This is MY event. Robert owns the building that facilitates it, and Bill shows up to it, with no appearance fee for reference, as he lives local to it. I promote, advertise, and host Retro Arcade Night. We do this event once every couple months, and the PROFIT, if any, that is made from the event always goes to a local cause or charity, such as late last year, as an example, We asked people to bring Water, and non-perishable goods for the local area and Puerto Rico after Hurricane Irma, in addition to any profit made going to charity related with that cause.  This event's funds will go to the GO Fund and other charities related with the Marjory Stoneman Douglas situation and tragedy that we are all trying to recover from in South Florida. So think or ask about something before you assume or judge what an event is for.
$6000 video equipment used to "examine"  the tap" eh?! Love the LED driven digit readout. Nothing says 21st century than an LED driven numeric readout.

The frame by frame shot using what appears to be an archaic piece of equipment to begin with, seems absolutely useless when illustrating the load states MAME or ARCADE.

 Plus the jargon and terminology used "interlaced" -240p "progressive" "RGB to NTSC" "quanzie matrix structure' ect..... is sure to confuse any layman involved.

The whole case just seems to rest on how "expensive"  the equipment used in the annylisis was.
 That equipment may have cost $6000 30+ years ago, but it's probably worth $60 now and like I said,  seems to incapable of showing the load states.

Maybe TG will use a wind up victrola for the audio examination?
 TG has failed again with thier defense but it doesn't matter. Too Big to fail.
The Billy Mitchell 1,050,200 score video does appear to have been spliced, in addition to containing distinct MAME characteristics. To confirm the sound anomalies reported by Apollo Legend, I exported the audio from the video to an mp3 file, then used Audacity to create an audio spectrogram. Note the gap followed by an overlap, which is indicative of a splice point.

Well the 747,400 was at the end of the barrel board, the stacked Kongís next, then rivers start with same score of course. it then backed up to the end of the barrel board again. No reason the score would change. It did look pretty crazy at first but itís already been shown the original record didnít have it.

When I got the tape in Jan. '08, I had the VHS recording transferred to DVD, but it spanned over 2 discs.  It's possible the anomaly happened at the end of disc 1/beginning of disc 2 if this was uploaded from those discs.

This is a plausible explanation. I went back and checked again, except this time I expanded the scope of my frame by frame video analysis to include several seconds on either end of the segment in question. Just before the barrel screen ends, the score changes from 744,200 to 747,400 (score + bonus), and the details appear to be consistent with a "glitch" rather than an intentional splice.

I've been following the Billy Mitchell 1,062,800 dispute thread over at Twin Galaxies, where the Apollo Legend audio splice "evidence" has cropped up again. In the interest of being fair, it should be pointed out that the splice theory was debunked a week ago. The audio gaps and overlapping frames appear to be the result of a digital transfer, nothing more.
I'm guessing it's because of the taint surrounding the entire Boomer's event at this point.   <Sanders>
Well since Jry isn't giving an answer I'm going to presume that it's this answer, and he didn't want to be redundant by giving the same answer.

I haven't gone through the process of creating the GIFs yet, but in the limited (and poor quality) JR footage available, I have seen evidence of the same MAME rendering. We now have true direct feed JR footage to compare with. But I made the decision before even seeing true direct feed JR footage, based on the illegitimacy of the entire Boomers scenario.
That works for me.  Thanks for the response.  8)

And for what it's worth, I can't seem to start ANY disputes on TG right now...clicking the link to start a dispute does nothing but bring up a blank page.
Maybe you should have a lie down.

Maybe you should learn how to read.

Easy there Raven

We are all friends here.

FYI Spaceman has been improving rapidly with his reading. With my help he has moved from Book 1 "The cat on the mat" to  Book 3 "The toad on the road"

By the time the  <Billy> dispute ends I see no reason he won't be on book 4 "The goat on the boat"

Keep at it Spacey
Donkey Kong High Score Lists / Re: Score Submissions
« Last post by KongTower on February 23, 2018, 10:50:09 PM »
This is my first entry for the "start" competition.

I scored 104,100 on my first man through the end of level 4.

Total ended up being 235,500 .. which is not my PB but I was going for it.

I want to thank everyone who watched me stream!
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