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Definitely Strawberry Milkshake.  Makes it taste like Strawberry Shortcake. 
There used to be an Artic Circle (fast food) close to where I worked and they had a "secret" fry sauce that I thought was gross but my wife loved.  Seems it's a combo of Mayo, Buttermilk and Ketchup.
Donkey Kong Junior High Score List / Re: Score Submissions
« Last post by Jonesy on September 21, 2017, 05:02:27 AM »
Congrats Chris, you got there in the end!

I hope to do day!
Three parts ketchup one part mustard mixture.
Good heavens

I will accept as No. 4
The Kong-Off / Re: KONG OFF 6 - Update
« Last post by xelnia on September 21, 2017, 02:39:52 AM »
Well its all over the Banning posters and on Facebook so I would say KO6 is officially at Banning. To me this is probably the last one unless Richie opens a new arcade or they just continue to have it someplace else (Which he did say they are going to try and open the arcade in a new location in that post).

Was it established that the next one is definitely in California?  I have never competed due to concerns my scores were not high enough.

In the mean time, I just hit a legitimate 737,800 over the weekend on level 18, my best 3 lives score.  The problem is that I still have games where I barely break 200 or 300,000, especially now that I'm trying to get out of running boards and moderately point pressing with lower hammer.   I have never kill screened, so I'm not sure I'm Kong-Off material.  In any event, I average about 400,000 and would like to participate in the next one in NJ.  What proof is necessary to qualify?  Is a screenshot enough or do I need to film an entire game of at least 600,000, which I understand is the least qualifying score?

I haven't seen any official announcements about a Banning Kong Off, and the last I heard Richie was selling off his arcade in that puts a big question mark over a NJ Kong Off as well. I also don't know anything about 600,000 being a qualifying score. At one point Richie was accepting killscreens at specific events as qualifiers, and only one person made that cut.

Do you have a link, because I see nothing about the Kong Off on Arcade Expo's website or Facebook page.
Surprised curry sauce has not been mentioned yet, not my preference at all but it's massively popular here.
Mayo too is popular, sometimes mixed with a dab of ketchup  <stirpot>
VINCENT But you know what they put on french fries in Holland instead of ketchup?




I seen 'em do it. And I don't mean a little bit on the side of the plate,  they fuckin' drown 'em in it.

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