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Donkey Kong Milestone Achievements / Re: Repetitive Barra Screen!
« Last post by homerwannabee on Today at 05:23:26 PM »
I know I already congratulated you, but I thought it be cool to see three RBS badges in the thread.  8)
Donkey Kong Milestone Achievements / Re: Repetitive Barra Screen!
« Last post by syscrusher on Today at 02:58:56 PM »
Good job, mate!  Diff 3 should be fun! <gasp>
Basic Donkey Kong Strategy / Elevator Stage Questions
« Last post by QuikThumbs on Today at 01:29:44 PM »
Okay, I'm ready to start asking questions.

1. In the elevator stage, I tend to jump on the top-most platform right after the second elevator. At what level do the elevators descend too quickly to pull off this move? In a point-scoring game, does it matter if you make that top jump?

2. I noticed there are three patterns for the springs. Is this throughout the whole game? I always thought there were just two. One that will always hit you, one to climb up the ladder safely.

3. Not really an elevator stage question, but it tends to affect me here. On the arcade cabinet my friend and I use, sometimes after letting go of the joystick Mario will keep moving... and walk off the platform. Is this a problem with the machine or something we have to learn to deal with. (How?)
Congrats! Awesome accomplishment  8)
THIS may be the most impossible thing to be stupid enough to try to do in all of classic arcade gaming

That would be a 5.51 in Dragster sir.

I'm glad there are still some legitimate players that are spotlighted at Free Play Florida.
I wish KO was local to me again, I'd like to just do it at some live Kong event, it's a lot more fun that way.  Failing that I'll wait for the first snow day here where I'm stuck inside.

If you have facebook and are friends with me there, you can view. More footage to come. Me and Stephen Boyer broke the 1 million point barrier live at Free Play Florida in Orlando this past Saturday, 11/18/2017 on Hardest difficulty, NO POW doubles. THIS may be the most impossible thing to be stupid enough to try to do in all of classic arcade gaming, but we pulled it off with a score of 1,112,370. It was officially the hardest thing I have ever done in CAG to this point. Watch the link if you can from the 7:24 mark on. Otherwise Triforce Johnson, Robert Childs and others also recorded footage of it that I will reply with in this thread in the coming days. Happy Thanksgiving.  Kreygasm <Sanders>
Your quick grab strat is mostly correct, and is something I experimented with a lot but never implemented in a real game. The only adjustment I would make is land as far to the left as you can on that first elevator, that way when you hit the platform you'll land far left as well. This increases your survival rate during a retreat scenario.
Advanced Donkey Kong Strategy / Re: Board Score Distribution
« Last post by hooch66 on Today at 05:20:21 AM »
I'm already getting to level 5 on Carnival.  I am noticing a lot of this game has to do with luck.  Sometimes you get a boatload of extra bullets, and sometimes it's almost nothing.  Also sometimes you get a lot of ducks, and sometimes it's nothing.  It's a very luck based game, but of course, if you are good at the game, you can probably still overcome crummy luck in the beginning stages.

My new Carnival high scores.

Time spent yesterday on Carnival 2 hours and 21 minutes; Time spent in total 4 hours and 52 minutes

No new Galaga high score although I'm getting better at the bonus stages got the first three bonus stages as perfect one time, and one time got four out the first five bonus stages as perfect.  I'm just screwing up the higher levels.  A couple of times I got to board 20 without dying, and then had some epic melt downs.  seven months ago I was much better.  Eventually I'm certain I'll get back to that level.   Just need more time.

Time spent yesterday on Galaga 1 hour and 33 minutes; Time spent in total 2 hours and 17 minutes
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