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Title: Shane_NC DKF Video Repository
Post by: Shane_NC on September 23, 2017, 05:29:24 PM
This is an incomplete list of most of my memorable games on Twitch. I'm posting this not only to have it on DKF, but also in the hopes that some of these games could be used to help players interested in running boards and top hammer only scores.

First ever Killscreen, performed on 9/13/13, Score 734,000
(if you want to see an epic moment check 1:52:00, insane barrel combo I had to navigate on my last man on 21-5) (

My 2nd Ever Killscreen, done one week after my first Killscreen! (

My game with the least deaths, died once (

My Personal Best Score Game 865,900, done during KO3 Wildcard, won the last seat on my last drop! (

My running boards L=5 Barrel Strategy Video (