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Ok, Kongers, here is the Donkey Kong Beginner's Manual so far!!!:

Please read through and critique at will. At the top of the wiki is a link to the GoogleDocs version. You all should be able to place markers and make comments in-text so that we can get your precise suggestion. If you are not signed into a google account, your comments will show up as anonymous -please post your name at the beginning or end of your comment(s) in this case, then, so we can contact you if we have to ask any clarifying questions. Also, this is actually a copy of the manual, as we didn't want to be editing the document while people were trying to comment on things at the same time. At this point we'd like the DK community to take part in purifying this document even more -since I know there are many people much more more knowledgeable about DK and the English language than I am (or we, the editors, are).

Thanks, in advance for all of your help! Enjoy!

EDIT: I added an attachment of the DK manual as of March 11th, 2014, below!

EDIT 2 (10-13-14): We now have the manual in wiki form for easier maneuverability around the text!!!: The GoogleDoc has been moved into this wiki link now as well to consolidate.

EDIT 3 (12-7-16): Cleaned up the google doc. Was long overdue. Should look a lot better now!

Nice write-up.  I'm about halfway through and have found these edits so far:

page 3
Purpose of this work (as a section heading, I think you may want to capitalize Work)

page 7
you say that fireballs have slightly bigger hitboxes
is that true?  i haven't done any delving into DK code or done any experimentation, but in my experience, firefoxes are harder to jump over so I'd expect them to have larger hitboxes.

page 8
upon being smash. (should be: smashed)

page 13
extra space or larger font size for the space between "simply when" (when viewed as PDF)

page 14
As a note, though Jumpman way climb (should be: "may climb")

page 20
while Juman is in the air (should be "Jumpman")

page 20/21
To do this, Jumpman needs to cross over above the location (confusing, should be "cross over the location" ?)

page 22
jumped/leached (should be "leeched")

page 23
jumped over . (remove space between over and period)

page 28
climb up passed (should be "climb up past")

page 29
In this stage there are a bottom platform, three middle platforms, and four conveyors.
"there are a bottom platform" reads strangely. this would read better ordered as "In this stage there are four conveyors, three middle platforms, and a bottom platform."

page 29
Doing this immediately finishes the stage.
extra space or larger font size for the space between "immediately finishes" (when viewed as PDF)

page 30
unliek other Stages (should be "unlike")

page 31
continue onto another level (should be "continue on to")

page 33
isimportant (should be "is important")

page 33
eMimicking this level, first stage (looks like some content may be missing here?  I think you're aiming for "Mimicking this level, the first stage"

page 34
Conveyor Stage . (remove space between Stage and period)

page 34
the second is a Conveyor Stage (4-2)
extra space or larger font size for the space between "Stage (4-2)" (when viewed as PDF)

page 44
there seems to be an invisible image causing text to display oddly, one word per line
steer" (when viewed as PDF)

page 46
just outrun or juke (can't find a definition for "juke" -- expect you meant "jump")

page 49
directly their release (should be "directly beneath")

page 50
Type 3 ( which (remove space between left parenthesis and which)

Juke is a football slang term meaning to shake/move back and forth to fake out your opponent (the defensive tackle) so you can pass them.

Excellent, Shaun! Thank you very much for your help! These will be added to my list to edit later today.

Everyone, feel free to keep them coming. Again, feel free to comment directly on the document too (within the link).

It's amazing how much an extra pair of eyes can find. I've nearly read this document 3 times over and I still missed a ton! As for any errors in formatting seemingly caused by graphics/pictures, those will hopefully be taken care of once Jeremy and I get together later tonight in Denver. I like the idea of double-checking everything in PDF form. I'll be sure to do this.

Mitch, I did a basic spell check and made some changes. I made one section red that needs your attention. I am making the adjustments based on Shaun's suggestions.


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