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Ladder Transitions


Martin Laing:

Just made this picture when exploring transitions up ladders and the last position the barrel can be located to make the move safely.

I think it's fairly accurate.

Good stuff Martin!

Probably unrelated, but I very occasionally experience a wierd phenomenon where after climbing a ladder (usually when trying to beat a barrel above) Jump man seemingly refuses to perform the necissary back-jump to avoid death and instead just runs away as the barrel hits his back, its like for a split moment after you dis-mount the ladder theres some dead frame that refuses to accept the jump input, but its very rare so I guess it could just be momentary MAME lag.

Still though, when it occurs its usually in that position (trying to climb a ladder and needing to back jump the split second you are up to avoid the on coming barrel)

I used to think it was just in my head intel ( Kappa ) another MAME player mentioned it on stream one day.

anyway... thanks for posting, love seeing this stuff  Kreygasm

Adam, I believe what you are describing is a situation where you hit the jump button slightly too soon. There is a moment after that where the jump button will not register. The same thing happens when trying to do consecutive jumps. If you hit the jump button just prior to landing, you'll have to wait a moment before you can register another jump. Both situations happen on arcade, too. I'd be interested in hearing other opinions on this.

Martin Laing:
Have been wanting to plot these positions for a while.

I sometimes hit the jump button too soon as hammer runs out and barrel is approaching.


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