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Elevator stage LV4+ (another theory)


Hi guys

I took a few days of intensive training on Donkey Kong and I realize that it is not good to take a break :P

I noticed that I still had much trouble with the elevator level...

After some tests here and there and have watched various help videos, I noticed that some springs go faster than others and also having done tests, it turns out that after the passage of a of them wins.

A hallucination?

As far as I know, the springs are all the same speed - even from level to level. Refer to the spring theory thread I've linked below. Extremely helpful stuff. Has all the answers!

Hope this helps!

oh okay, thank you for the link Aaron ;)

While it may appear that they move at different speeds, they actually move at a constant speed until they reach the final arc and fall to the bottom.  However, certain springs enter the screen at different places, which allows you to tell where a spring will land far before it actually touches the first arc point.  This is useful for telling when you have to retreat, because really, if you leave early enough, there are only a few springs that can actually kill you.  Like others said, study the spring theory thread and practice a savestate for a long time, you will get it!

I really matters to me, and all this work ! <Billy>


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