Author Topic: Could we be seeing the next pair of players be challengers to the throne?  (Read 403 times)

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At first there was  <Billy>, and he was the champ, and he remained that way for a good 17 years.

Then a competition started to brew as  <Tim> dethroned  <Billy>.  Unfortunately this rivalry was short lived as  <Wiebe> came onto the scene.

For a good 8 years these  <Billy> and  <Wiebe> battled back, and forth retaking each others crown.

Then two things happened
First Dean overtook <Billy>, and  <Wiebe> with his MAME score, in which he remains Donkey Kong MAME king today.

Then  Hank, and Vincent emerged on the arcade scene.  Even though Vincent never did get the crown he did give Hank a run for his money, and they raised the bar up a notch.

After that, what I considered to be the greatest rivalry for the crown took place as Wes, and Robbie took the crown back, and forth, and raised the score to insane heights where Wes got his 1.218 million last year. 

But just when you think things are quieting down two new challengers arise with John, and Jason becoming the dueling J's.  Where they take Donkey Kong is anyone's guess, but it should be interesting.
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Game of throwns
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With less and less potential point scoring possibility above the current WR it seems like the back and fourth of WR trading is going to be quite a lot less frequent.  The golden era of WR point battles might be over.  But who knows.