Author Topic: Participation of China, South Korea, and Japan in CAG in the next 10 years?  (Read 570 times)

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For kicks I decided to look at the highest earners in regards to the modern games.  I noticed one thing right off the bat.  China, South Korea, and Japan dominate many, many, many of these games.  There are very popular games where an American doesn't even rank in the top 50.

Wes Copeland has recently stated that the Japanese Donkey Kong community is one that has been growing in recent years.

In the Tetris championships that have been going on for the past 7 years a newcomer to the championships came from Japan.  They said he had a hyper thumb pressing style that only Thor has been able to manage in the U.S.  In his first time out, this man made it to the semi-finals.

Will the people from these countries have a much greater influence on classic gaming?  Only time will tell, but I see it as a good thing.  After all, there are "world records" attached to these games.
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The Japanese Donkey Kong community has about five or six active players at this point, with two kill screeners and one player who has a million points.

The million-point player also owns six Donkey Kong PCBs.  <gasp>

I'll be meeting them all soon for a dinner and arcade trip and I'll post some photos. They all watched the Montreal event, with one even liveblogging the event.
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Remind me, Wes, do you speak Japanese? For some reason I thought you knew Japanese or something like that.
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