Author Topic: When the fireball begins to climb (What 100 lvl 5 barrel boards had to say)  (Read 1315 times)

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These stats/results are probably garbadge but anyway.
I played 100 lvl 5 barrel boards purley to test what time is on the bonus timer as the fireball rises from oilcan girder to 2nd girder.
I know its random but I wanted to get an idea or a ball park figure/ time of when I could expect him to rise/climb on average.
I also took note of what ladder the fireball used, the long broken ladder beside the oil can (Left) or the
short ladder on the right side of the screen (Right).
I also tried to take note of those instances where the fireball comes up the (Left) ladder (usually provoking us to grab the hammer)
only to have the fireball decend almost immediately. these particular situations are noted with a "Y" beside the time to indicate that yes
this fireball did drop straight back down the ladder.
Finally an "F" beside the time means that the 1st fireball didnt bother its arse to rise and instead the 2nd fireball rose (as a freezer) so it naturally took the (Left) ladder.

so for example:
"6600L" means the fireball climbed the Left ladder at 6600 bonus time.
"7000R" means the fireball climbed the Right ladder at 7000 bonus time.
"4900F" means at 4900 the 2nd fireball climbed instead of the first (and froze)
"7400LY" means at 7400 the fireball went up the Left ladder and the "Y" means it dropped straight back down ("Y" is purley to keep track of how many times we can expect to see that quick decending fireball
 this is the fireball that climbs the broken ladder and almost immidiatley goes back down again.. )

I have no idea how useful these stats are (not very I'd imagine) + I'm a retard at math so...


 What was on the bonus timer as the fireball climbed?: (LVl 5):

1.7000R     21.6600L  41.6700L     61.6900L     81.5600R       *
2.5500F     22.6800R  42.6900L     62.7100LY     82.5800F       *
3.7300L     23.7200L  43.6900R        63.6400R     83.6900R   *
4.6800L     24.7100R  44.7100L     64.5500LY     84.6000R       *
5.5900L     25.7300L  45.6900R     65.7400L     85.6200F       *
6.5300F     26.6500F  46.5800L     66.6400R     86.5900R       *
7.6500R     27.6800R  47.6000R     67.6400R     87.7200L        *
8.6700R     28.7000L  48.7400L     68.6000F     88.6200R       *
9.7000L     29.6600L  49.7200R     69.5200F     89.6100R       *                                            RESULTS                       
10.6400R  30.6700L  50.7200R     70.7400L     90.5600R       *                                                                       
11.6300L  31.6300R  51.5300F     71.7100LY     91.7000R       *       ====>    Average time on the bonus timer when fireball climbed: 6500  approx
12.5700LY 32.5400F  52.7100R     72.6300R     92.6900R       *       ====>    Left ladders used by the fireball :54  (Including freezers)                                                     
13.6000L  33.7100R  53.7200R     73.5400F     93.6000R       *       ====>    Right ladders used by the fireball :46
14.6800L  34.5700R  54.6600R     74.6400R        94.6800L       *       ====>    Number of "quick drop (Y)" fireballs :6
15.6800L  35.7000L  55.6300R     75.6800F     95.7200R       *
16.7300L  36.6800R  56.6900L     76.6900R     96.7400L       *
17.6200L  37.6400L  57.7400LY     77.6900R     97.5800R       *
18.6000F  38.6100L  58.5100F     78.6900L     98.6700R       *
19.6500R  39.7200R  59.6400R     79.6800R     99.6900R       *
20.6000L  40.4600F  60.7300LY     80.7200L     100.6800R      *


L = Left ladder (Broken)

R = Right ladder (Short)

F = Freezer i.e The 2nd Freezer was the fireball to climb instead of the first born (Broken)

y = Did the fireball drop back down almost immidieatly? the "y" means yes <- This is to observe how often we get that dummy fireball
   (Yes.. the one that comes up and when we grab the hammer he goes straight back down)   <mad>


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omg a chart <3

I find it interesting that the average time to climb is basically the same for either ladder. Based on this data, the fireball climbed the right ladder at 6583 and the left ladder at 6491. Yeah, those aren't actual Bonus times, but it shows only a difference of 100 Bonus between either ladder. Maybe someone should extend this data set, maybe to 500 or 1000 samples.  <Mruczek>
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