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the lower level A.I. programmers may take till 2030.

Maybe longer.  Shopping exclusively at Whole Foods and telling you how much the music and beer you like, actually sucks, takes up a lot of time.
That is FAR from state of the art AI, If google took on DK it would be solved by march.
Well that was another thing though I factored in.  If the top level A.I. programmers ignored something like this, than the next lower level programmers would tackle it, and by the looks of things the lower level A.I. programmers may take till 2030.
That is FAR from state of the art AI, If google took on DK it would be solved by march.
Also this is current A.I. playing Super Mario Bros live.  The computer has taken like 2 months, and it still hasn't completed level 1 of the game.
Then explain this video?  19 months ago this A.I. can't even get 15k on the Atari 2600 Galaxian game.  The Atari 2600 game is WAY easier than the Arcade/MAME version.
Any significant effort to program an AI to break the DK WR would result in that record being CRUSHED in short order. Auto Machine Learning is pretty powerful and still in its infancy.

This could easily happen before the KO6.

! No longer available

Now, I'm not talking about programming a computer with specific moves to beat the World Record.  What I'm talking about is a computer learning the game from scratch with only the idea of getting the highest score possible in it's program.  I've seen talk about how these A.I.'s are beating people in fighting games, and games like LoL, but what people fail to take into account with these type of games is that speed matters in all of these games.  If you are able to generate moves 3 or 4 times faster than your opponent, then of course you'll do really really well.

With a game like Donkey Kong though, speed means absolutely nothing.  You actually have to learn the game, but learning the game is not enough.  You need to get to the killscreen, and then relearn to score higher, and then relearn again to score even higher.

Also, another problem,  The major programmers actually caring enough to put A.I. to the test of Donkey Kong.  The major A.I. may not be programmed for that.  It seems rather random the games they choose.  So a lower level A.I. programmer may actually be the one who has the A.I. program to beat the Donkey Kong high score.

So based on everything I personally believe it's going to be around the year 2030 before an A.I. program actually beats the Donkey Kong Arcade/MAME world record.
The Kong-Off / Re: Official Kong-Off 6 Format and Invitee List
« Last post by JCHarrist on January 20, 2018, 04:03:34 PM »
Shaun Boyd has declined. Jonathan McCourt added.
Classic Arcade Game Discussion / Re: Funspot visit - 24th March
« Last post by CaptainJivePants on January 20, 2018, 11:24:30 AM »
Flights are booked. Arriving evening on 3/22 and returning evening 3/26
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